Our Story - La Badina
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Our story

In 1999, when we decided to buy “La Badina”there was only a 17th century farmhouse haunted by vegetation; There wasn’t even a road to get there. “ It is foolish to buy“La Badina” a lot of people said, but we did believe in its potential. We could clearly hear the history of those old stones once belonged to the marquis La Marmora; We could perceive the sacred tradition of those yards that had been producing wine for centuries.

Here, in Lessona, on Biella’s hills at the foot of the Alps, the valuable grapevines of Nebbiolo found a place that, more than anywhere else, knows how to enhance its elegance.

Ermido brought back to life the wine yards from the wild wood. Nowadays the wine yards are run by his daughters Linda and Sara. La Badina is a niche production. Only 1.2 acres of wine yards in a natural amphitheater protected from the winds on a ground made of sandy marine soil that gift our wines a unique scented bouquet.

We created a favourable natural environment for our wine yards. We placed bird boxes between our wine rows in order to attract titmices whose food are the insects that may damage grapevines.
The violet flowers of buddleja attract butterflies and caterpillars, that are also titmices’ favourite food. To protect our grapevines we planted Cardinal roses that have the natural ability of sudden diagnosis of powdery mildew.
We settle organic fertilizers on the ground, without budge it, in order to avoid microflora alterations.


All the wine yards of La Badina face south and the soil, thanks to a natural extremely acid ph, give the wine intense perfumes.

We chose to age our wines in oak barrels, followed by a long aging in bottle, in order to exalt and keep intact the natural flavors of our wines.

Our roots and the road we chose took us naturally towards the organic world, and we are currently in the process of obtaining the official ORGANIC certification.