About us - La Badina
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About Us

Ermido Di Betta found La Badina Winery in 1999 in Lessona. The original 1.2 acres of wine yards rose in a natural amphitheater protected from the winds on a ground made of sandy marine soil that gift La Badina wines a unique scented bouquet. La Badina first harvest was in 2008.

La Badina, that is about to receive ORGANIC certification, chose to be a niche production based on the respect of the nature, the values of the tradition and the family.

Our Mission

Restore the ancient glory of the historical wine yards once belonged to Marquis Lamarmora.

Our Vision

La Badina would like to be a landmark for the local wine market, an high quality production based on ORGANIC methods.

Our Core Values

  • Respect of the land and organic methods.
  • Family, tradition and territory.
Our Team

Ermido e Linda


Sara e Alessandro

Our partners