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La Badina

azienda agricola vitivinicola di Di Betta Linda

Ermido Di Betta found La Badina Winery in 1999 in Lessona. The original 1.2 acres of wine yards rose in a natural amphitheater protected from the winds on a ground made of sandy marine soil that gift La Badina wines a unique scented bouquet. La Badina first harvest was in 2008.

La Badina, that is about to receive ORGANIC certification, chose to be a niche production based on the respect of the nature, the values of the tradition and the family.

The value of traditions and organic methods

In 1999, when we decided to buy “La Badina”there was only a 17th century farmhouse haunted by vegetation; There wasn’t even a road to get there. “ It is foolish to buy“La Badina” a lot of people said, but we did believe in its potential. We could clearly hear the history of those old stones once belonged to the marquis La Marmora; We could perceive the sacred tradition of those yards that had been producing wine for centuries.

Our production: quality at first place

Lessona is a land of great red wines since ages. In the pathway of this tradition La Badina, with its 1.2 acres of wine yards, has based its production on the Nebbiolo vine.

The red wine Lessona DOC, made entirely from Nebbiolo grapevines, represents the top bottle of La Badina. This great Nebbiolo is aged in oaks’ barrels that gives it a distinctive elegance and gentleness.

Our wines

Lessona DOC

Lessona Riserva DOC

Coste della Sesia DOC